The International Consortium, in collaboration with the Council of Europe through its Steering Committee on Educational Policy and Practice (CDPPE), undertakes activities that support its mission to promote education for democracy and human rights. These include presentations at major conferences, as well as specific projects.


Selected Books, Articles and Presentations

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  • Toolkit for Linking Higher Education and Sschools on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights, led by Council of Europe’s Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Education for DEmocratic Citizenship and Human Rights. Council of Europe published two volumes on this project:
    • Douglas Barrera and Virgilio Meira Soarer (2010): Advancing democratic practice: A self-assessment guide for higher education.
    • Matt Hartley and Ted Huddleston (2010): School-community-university partnerships for a sustainable democracy: Education for democratic citizenships in Europe and the United States of America

Other Developments

Review of Activities

Recommendation on the Public Responsibility for Higher Education and Research
On May 16, 2007, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted a Recommendation on the Public Responsibility for Higher Education and Research.
Official Text of the Recommendation