Global Network

In collaboration with the Council of Europe through its Committee on Higher Education and Research, the International Consortium for Higher Education, Civic Responsibility, and Democracy is developing a global network of higher education institutions, associations and research institutes that are committed to advancing the role of higher education in the development of democratic culture.

Examples of Good Practice

By joining the Global Network, members affirm their commitment to the Declaration on the Responsibility of Higher Education for a Democratic Culture, Human Rights, Citizenship and Sustainability, and agree to share best practices on their campuses. The Global Network is a vehicle for building a network of practice to increase higher education’s leadership and commitment to preparing informed and engaged graduates, as well as to identify future partners for collaborative projects and research.

Members of the Global Network can use the Examples of Good Practice Submission Form to submit additional examples of good practice.

Join the Global Network for Higher Education and Democratic Culture

Membership in the Global Network is granted to any higher education institution or organization committed to the principles and call for action outlined in the Declaration. Watch the video below to learn more about this network.